First Lines

"Nick King crouched on the top of the Benghazi Medical Center under a collage of stars peeking in behind wisps of reddish-brown dust with a sniper rifle in his right hand."
--Steven G. Jackson, author of Zeus Payload. For more information, visit

"That bone of fear first hung in my throat when I was five. I couldn't breathe."
--Lamb Lambert, author of Badge of Color, Breaking the Silence: A Documented Memoir.  For more information, visit

"My eyes shot open. A cold, biting breeze brushed my cheek, and I shivered at the dampness seeping into my skin."
--Darlene Quinn, author of Webs of Perception, Book 6. For more information, visit

"The rucksack of dynamite pulled on my shoulders with each step through the Alpen tunnel. Chilling panic shot up my neck each time I pumped the bomb against the icy rock wall."
--Michael Jarvis, author of French Roll: Misadventures in Love, Life, and Roller Skating Across the French Riviera.

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