Terms of Use and Content Information Disclaimer

The SCWA encourages open, respectful communication between individuals pertaining to the craft and business of writing through a variety of social and traditional media, such as Facebook, the SCWA website, and the SCWA Meetup site. The SCWA does not endorse individual opinions placed on any of its sites, and will remove them. Any individual using inappropriate language, discussing inappropriate topics, or commenting in a disrespectful way may be removed from access to SCWA communication methods at the sole discretion of the SCWA Board. This includes information posted directly to, or linked with, the SCWA website.

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The SCWA receives information on various services, writing contests, and events. As a courtesy, we will forward the information to our members. Unless otherwise indicated, the SCWA does not discourage, encourage or recommend any of the services, contests or events. Many of these services, contests and events cost money; therefore, we recommend that you evaluate the opportunities based on your individual situation and interest. Because of our membership email protection policy, please do not forward information to the general membership directly. We request that all members forward any information to the SCWA President for approval and forwarding to the membership.

SCWA members wishing to share appropriate writing-related information and resources are welcome to do so via the SCWA Facebook page and the Contact Us page on the website. The SCWA Board and Newsletter Editor determines the information to be contained in the SCWA Newsletter.