Fred Klein: Project MK Ultra, The Revenge

Chapter 39

Moscow KGB headquarters November, 1970

Vladimir Molokov walked out to the training gym and looked for Agent FP now Frank Young.

"Comrade Young, good work again on your informants. They will be valuable to our efforts," remarked Molokov.

"Thank you, sir," replied Young.

"Have you kept up with your physical training and your martial arts?"

"Yes, I have been trained in karate, judo, boxing, and knife fighting."

"Good you may need that on your next assignment. In any case we have a change of venue for you this time. Have you ever been to Paris?"

"No sir; do I need to speak French?

"That will help but is not greatly necessary. Our target is a US diplomat who we believe, according to our sources, may be willing to defect. Unfortunately it may not be to our country but to our sometimes ally and rival the People's Republic of China."

"What is my assignment?"

"You will contact our target, Conrad Small, a State department employee who has been involved in some illegal activities and see what he needs to defect to the USSR. He may also be contacted by agents of the People's Republic. Your mission is convince Mr. Small to defect to us and not to defect to China. If he decides to defect to China you will eliminate him. Try to avoid contact with Chinese agents but if they interfere with your mission you may exterminate them. We have you on the next flight to Paris."


Paris, Dec. 1970

Young never would have thought he would ever see Paris. But here he was in Paris and it was wonderful. His high school French would come in handy. Here were the Arc De Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, Palais Royal, Catacombs, Notre Dame, and more. Yet Fine would have time to see very little of Paris. He had an assignment to complete.

Still he might never be in Paris again. He took a taxi from Charles de-Gaulle airport. He made the taxi driver drive him by the magnificent Arc De Triomphe, the towering Eiffel Tower, and the medieval Notre Dame cathedral. He paid the taxi driver for his fare and for forwarding his bags to the hotel.

He got out of the taxi and walked over the bridge to Notre Dame. Young wanted to feel like a tourist if only for a few minutes. He liked Notre Dame with its high spire, flying buttresses, and twin bell towers.  He walked into the cathedral to see the interior, the stained glass windows, and the high altar. He walked in the tower entrance and looked up at the high ceiling. It was amazing. He walked to the north rose window, the high altar, and the south rose window; stopping to gaze in awe at each sight. Young knew he had to hide any religious thoughts he may have from the atheist USSR. He turned to go through the nave to the tower exit when he stopped in his tracks.

There in one of the wooden chairs in the nave was his target Conrad Small. Young was supposed to meet with him the next night at a small café near his hotel.

Young approached him, "Taking in the sites of Paris, Mr. Small?"

"I was hoping to avoid contact with you and your rivals from China until tomorrow," replied Conrad Small.

"There is no time like the present."

"I intend to see Paris first before I make any decisions and the French police frown on any public abductions."

"You realize you are in danger of being accosted by the Americans or the Chinese."

"I believe you are here to make sure that doesn't happen. Besides I have my own protection here in my coat pocket. I will meet you at the agreed upon spot tomorrow night to have our business discussion; not before. We cannot discuss these things in public."

"Very well for now but do not try my patience."

Small turned to leave the cathedral. Young followed him from a distance to the rest of Small's tourist sites.  They took separate taxis to the Arc de Triomphe where Small walked under the arch and walked on the Champs-Elysees. Then Young followed him to the Eiffel Tower where Small went to the top level so he could get a magnificent view of Paris. He then went back to the hotel where he had dinner in his room.

Young established himself in his Paris hotel a short walk from a café near the Seine where he was to again meet with Conrad Small.

The next day Small went to the Musee de Louvre where he spent much of his time looking at the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, Venus de Milo, and the palace/museum itself. Young carefully followed at a distance.

The next night Young walked by the café and saw Small at a table near the back of the café. He had ordered a café au lait and a croissant. Young sat down at the table. Small was an older man with dark hair and many worry lines in his face.

"I hear the espresso is delightful here," uttered Young in English.

"So my shadow returns. I was expecting someone from your country and China to keep me under observation," replied Small.

"We heard about the investigation. Evidentially selling visas is frowned upon at the State department."

"A mere misunderstanding!"

"I doubt that, but what would it take for someone like you to come over to our side of the street?"

"I'll have to see what your side is offering versus what the Chinese are offering."

"Our offer includes transportation out of Paris ahead of US extradition for bribery, a $40,000 salary, and a house as long as you work with us."

"What happens after that?"

"We assume you will always want to work with us."

"I will have to see what the Chinese offer."

"Our offer goes away after this conversation and it may not be healthy for you to wait around for other offers."

"Is that a threat?"

"Take it as good advice as the US will throw you into prison and the Chinese will just kidnap you and throw you into a concentration camp until you cooperate."

"With such a kind offer how can I refuse?"

"Good. Come with me back to my hotel."

They got up to leave and walked down an alleyway towards Young's hotel to be as inconspicuous as possible. Young heard a noise behind them.

Suddenly Young was attacked from behind. A figure in black kicked him in the kidneys and knocked him down. The figure grabbed at Small and tried to take him away. Young recovered and sized up his opponent: thin, young, quick and obviously Chinese.

Young aimed his Makarov pistol at the Chinese agent but the agent kicked his hand so he lost his grip on the pistol. Young kicked the man in black in the knee and spun around to get a choke hold. Li Jie reversed him and grabbed at Young.  Young smacked him into the alley wall and hit his head into the wall. The agent jammed his elbow into Young's shoulder backing him up. Young did a round house kick to the Chinese's head knocking him out. He would have then broken his neck but by this time Small had run away. Young had to find him and keep him safe from other agents.

But first he had to see if his assailant had other agents with him. He looked around and did not spot other Chinese agents. Then he looked down the street for Small. He figured Small might double back to his hotel to get further weapons or his passport.

But Young caught up with Small and forced him into a taxi and took him to the Russian embassy in Paris. There he was made to cooperate. Young and several other agents escorted him onto a jet going to Moscow.

Young breathed a sigh of relief. He had accomplished his mission but had almost lost the fight for Small. He would have to be more careful in the future and continue to brush up on his martial arts.

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