Julie Belmont


Julie Belmont is an author of several books "The Path to Personal Success and Freedom; Turning Hurdles into Stepping Stones," "Creativity Business Plan for Artists and Artists at Heart," and co-author of Best seller "Live the Life you Love; Seizing your Success." She's currently working on a Novel entitled Bad Blood in the Bayou; An LA to LA cozy mystery Book 1 'Framed.' Utilizing her artistic skills, she has embarked in writing and illustrating a Children's book called Chloe's Story (working title.)
Julie has been a freelance writer for over 25 years. She's written articles, poems, short stories and blog posts. Most under her name, some under the penname Jennifer Rogers and others which she cannot divulge as a Ghostwriter. Through her writing quest she discovered she loves guiding, coaching, consulting and helping others. Her purpose as a Certified Creativity Consultant is to assist others in realizing their potential and creative goals through the written word.
Recently, she added a Certification in Digital Design to her Skill Took Kit. She combined her artistic talents with digital integration to create even more imaginative visions. She loves working with clients to develop and create exceptional and extraordinary book covers and other marketing materials.

Website: www.JulieBelmont.com
FB: @JulieBelmontConsultant
Instagram: Julie_Belmont