Don Westenhaver


Don Westenhaver planned to become a Catholic priest, but left the seminary and joined the Marine Corps. The Marines trained him to be a Vietnamese interpreter, but then assigned him to be an infantry company radioman near the DMZ. As a finance executive in the oil industry, Don traveled frequently to Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. These experiences inspired his historical novels, all of which include romance and plenty of action:

    • The Whiplash Hypothesis - a conspiracy to ruin the US economy by manipulating the global price of oil


    • The Red Turtle Project - what if Vietnam had converted to capitalism?


    • Nero's Concert - who caused the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD - Emperor Nero or a radical group called Christians?


    • Alexander's Lighthouse - The Egyptian Mob rebels against the Roman occupiers using technology


    • Missing Star - a young silent movie star is missing! Set in Long Beach California in 1919


Don has been married to his wife, Ellie, for over 40 years and they live in Southern California. They have two grown daughters and two grandchildren. Don and Ellie are retired and enjoy assisting four different charities, travel, and golf. He is a long-time officer of the Southern California Writers Association.

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