Sulan Dun


Sulan is a former high school math and science teacher. While home with her first baby, she taught herself computer programming. Her first foray into self publishing was a shareware game she wrote for her toddler to mash a handful of keys to make pictures of her toddler's stuffed animals pop up. Someone in Montana sent her $5 for her game. Sulan used the $5 to buy a pen and vowed to sign one day at Microsoft as a software developer. And five years later, she did it!

But eventually, working full time with four kids under the age of six was just too much and so she quit to stay home with them. While home with her kids, she started, a free educational games website which has had over 51 million page views. Sulan also wrote two screenplays, one of which was hip pocketed by a WGA signatory agent. If you know anyone interesting in making her feature length action adventure comedy, let her know!

Screenplay title: Brawlers, Inc.

Logline: A TV wrestling show's optimistic recruiter and worrywart lawyer must help the show avoid cancellation by going to wartime Iraq to find and legally bring back an enemy combatant brawler for the show's wrestlers to fight.

Sulan has also been writing science fiction short stories and earned two honorable mentions in the Writers of the Future contest. The winning short stories are based on her novel in progress.

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