Lillian Nader


Lillian Nader, M.Ed., is an author, playwright, and freelance copyeditor. She is the author of Theep and Thorpe: Adventures in Space, a science fiction novel for young readers about a teenage boy who communicates with enlightened space beings. Lillian is the editor and coauthor of Muse & Ink: Soul Expressions Through Writing. Other publications include educational workbooks on cooperative learning in the classroom.
Lillian's play, "Blue Hair & Rap," was recently produced by New Voices Playwrights Theatre in a lively show of six one-act plays called Holiday Voices and it was published in the anthology, New Voices Holiday Plays 2019.

Her children's play, "Tele-Toss: A Moving Experience," is published in New Voices Anthology of Short Plays 2020. It is based on a scene from her YA novel. In the play, a funny scene unfolds when the space beings, Theep and Thorpe, appear in the classroom and can be seen by students but not their teacher. Lillian is a retired special needs teacher who once worked at a juvenile court school and a charter school for troubled youth. Her lifelong studies in metaphysics influenced her creation of Theep & Thorpe, enlightened space beings on Planet Staruus.

When not engaged in imaginative wordsmithing, Lillian is a freelance copyeditor of nonfiction and fiction books and stories. Her motto is: "It's better to be corrected privately by your editor than publicly in a review."

Her hobbies include reading, fitness walking, and the study of dreams. Lillian also writes poetry, including haiku. She resides in Orange County, California.

Theep and Thorpe: Adventures in Space
Muse & Ink: Soul Expressions Through Writing
New Voices Holiday Plays 2019 by John Bolen (Hardcover) - Lulu