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PJ Colando writes humor and satire with a literary bent. She's published four novels in her 'Faith, Family, Frenzy!' series. The final book's title is The Jailbird's Jackpot. It's a separate-and-equal sequel to her award-winning book #3, The Winner's Circle.

Her genre is commercial women's fiction. She's been praised for her Voice since she began writing and has been multiply lauded for her seminar "I Write Funny and You Can, Too!"

PJ calls writing her elegant hobby-and she is having a blast!

PJ's personal essays have been published in Orange Coast Magazine. Her short stories has been widely anthologized, including SCWA's It's All in the Story. She assembled many of her works and published them in an anthology entitled I am a Character in January 2019.

The anthology in 2020 was I AM... a Quarantine Survivor, a circumstance we Californians mutually experienced. All sales proceeds continue to be donated to a local food bank.

All six of PJ Colando's novels may be purchased directly from her author website: https://www.pjcolando.com. You may access her weekly jolly blog posts on the site.

Each book's logline, synopsis-and author info and questions suitable for book clubs-are available on the website. You may contact PJ Colando for a speaking engagement, too.

Author Site: pjcolando.com

Facebook: PJ Colando, Writer
GoodReads: P.J. Colando
Instagram: talklady
Twitter: @pj_colando

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