Debby Ann Chase Putman


I was born in Santa Monica, CA and lived in the same city house, 3 miles from the ocean until college took me to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA. I graduated in Business, married and lived 'off the land' in many states while raising a family. Having moved back to California, I married again creating a 'yours, mine and ours' set of 10 kids. With all the children grown and spread across the country, we now live in the mountains of Big Bear Lake, CA. My new joy is creating this 1st book, 'Darcy & Dawn's Impossible Adventures: The Swedish King's Gold', with illustrations by my eldest son Ryan Francis Peirce. Middle son Jeff has created the website as well. which holds short stories, family recipes and diary pages of my character/family.

The middle of 5 kids: that's me. Growing up near the California Coast in the 1960's, my late younger sister Donna and I created adventures, some of which I am happy to share with kids of today. Neither one of us liked to read as children, and yet, as we learned to love it for the fantasy and understanding of the world around us, we realized how much we had missed in those early years. So, these stories are for those kids like us, who just need an adventurous story to spark a lifelong interest in reading.

My hobby for over 20 years has been genealogy and building every branch of the family tree. I have written the histories of two of these family lines dating back to the 13OO's. Sharing stories is my passion.