Darlene Quinn


Darlene Quinn is an award-winning author and journalist from Long Beach, California. Her series of novels, Webs of Fate, Webs of Power, Twisted Webs, Unpredictable Webs and Conflicting Webs have garnered acclaim and have created an avid international fan base. Webs of Perception, was released in November 13, 2018.

Darlene has published articles in both "Inskeeping World" and "Savvy Magazine," highlighting the business knowledge she gained during her time at Bullocks Wilshire DepartmentStores.

As part of the seven-member management team of the West Coast Specialty Store Division of Federated (now Macy's Inc.), Quinn has the insider's perspective on the rise and fall of major department stores.

Quinn became interested in storytelling at an early age but did not begin writing until her adult life. Prior to being an author, Quinn was a public school teacher, a self-improvement and modeling instructor, and a private contractor for various department stores and hospitals. She has two children, John and Jodie, and lives with her artistic husband, Jack, in Long Beach, California.