Sharron Read-Lambert


I started reading at six, beginning with the encyclopedia and the bible. I hungered for the written word and began writing short stories. For me, writing is an outward expression of an inward experience, and comes from a creative explosion of imagination and life.

Later, I began seriously writing as a partner to my husband in researching, documenting, writing and publishing his memoir, in addition to formatting and publishing two books of his poetry. I am published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, and currently working on outlining a second memoir.

Dewdrops Ride on the Wind: An Anthology Paperback - June 22, 2021

by Sharron Read-Lambert (Author), Aurora Ferrer (Author), Dolores Jenerson-Madden (Author), Harlen "Lamb" Lambert (Author), Hope Hou Larsen (Author), Rosemary Lewallen (Author), Bob Warkenton (Author), JoAnne Zuganelis (Author)

Dewdrops Ride on the Wind-an Anthology is an eclectic collection of poetry and short stories depicting historical, fictional, and current related topics. Each piece offers insight into the experiences or creative imaginings of the author.

The prose may ignite laughter and spark conversation, while other thought-provoking stories will evoke strong emotions or surprise. The authors take the reader on a journey of struggle, liberty, hope, life and its dilemmas, triumphs, near death, the power of faith, science fantasy, and much more. The short stories are for those who enjoy brief reads at a given time, and easy to pick up from your coffee table or on the night stand.

In poetry, the readers will find themselves embedded in the spaces of social injustice, of failed remembrance of things past, nature as a reflection, racism, rewriting history, love, hate, survival, and empowerment. Some poetry may rocket the reader out of their comfort zone.

The book is filled with poignant photos and images, fun facts, and the melody of words.