Glen W Olson


Glen Olson grew up in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. He would have had an absolutely normal childhood except for one fact: it was the nineteen sixties, and his best friend's father worked in cold war aerospace . . . and the friend's father owned a mimeograph machine. So along with a dog, bicycle, and baseball mitt, Glen and friends had access to a device that allowed them to put out a neighborhood newspaper - and they shamelessly did so!

This encouraged his lifelong love of writing. In his next career Glen became a paramedic for a fire department where he had several roles, including disaster preparedness educator, inspector, and captain, writing training manuals by day and fiction by night. Today he is a fulltime writer, the author of three books and working on a fourth (and fifth). Recent releases include Desperate Endeavor, a science fiction adventure/first contact/military/end of the world/romance, and Fifty Years of Polyamory in America: A Guided Tour of a Growing Movement. This history is unique among the many books about polyamory because the scope of the book is the entire history of the modern polyamory movement.