Thomas M. Wing


A 1984 Naval Academy graduate, Thomas M. Wing retired after serving 32 years as a Navy Surface Warfare officer. He's now a full-time writer of nautical fiction, both historical and modern. He has completed two novels and has begun work on a third. Unable to constrain himself to a single time period, his first novel is set during the American Revolution, his second in modern times, and his third during World War II. Tom lives in San Diego with his wife and daughter, two cats, and a dog. He spends whatever time he can on the water in sail boats or a kayak. In his diverse career, he has: taught Coast Guard licensing courses at all levels; held licenses himself for Master of Vessels up to 1600GT; Second Mate, Unlimited Tonnage; and Master of Sailing Vessels up to 50GT; all of these were endorsed for Upon Oceans. He also held a ticket as an Able Seaman, Unlimited. He founded and served as Executive Director for the Continental Navy Foundation, which conducted experiential education at sea for young people 13-17 years of age. He also commanded the Foundation's tall ship, brigantine Megan D. Finally, he served as an engineer in Navy civilian service, and is a part time consultant. His Facebook page is: