Nader, Lillian

Lillian Nader ABOUT LILLIAN Lillian Nader, M.Ed., is an author, playwright, and freelance copyeditor. She is the author of Theep and Thorpe: Adventures in Space, a science fiction novel for young readers about a teenage boy who communicates with enlightened space beings. Lillian is the editor and coauthor of Muse & Ink: Soul Expressions Through … Read more

Jarvis, J Michael

J Michael Jarvis ABOUT J MICHAEL J Michael Jarvis writes from his experiences as a professional jet pilot, yacht captain and global adventurer with thousands of true, remarkable and often hilarious stories of how he mucked things up. From roller-skating across France as a teen, to escaping pirates as a yacht captain in the Caribbean … Read more

Martin, Jack Sevard

Jack Sevard Martin ABOUT JACK After receiving his Juris Doctorate from UCLA, Jack Martin worked for The Department of Defense and the aerospace industry, specializing in contracts and regulatory issues. Tracing his Californian ancestry all the way back to the 1830s, Martin developed a passion for American history and the mystery genre. With encouragement and … Read more

Margarita, Maddie

Maddie Margarita ABOUT MADDIE Maddie Margarita writes humorous suspense and mystery. She also hosts Lit Up! OC–a monthly writer’s salon in Orange County, CA, and CHARACTER FLOSS, a podcast for readers and writers on Authors on The Air Global Radio Network. When not writing, talking into a mic, or marketing her current book, Maddie serves … Read more

Sheppard, Pamela L.

Pamela L. Sheppard ABOUT PAMELA Pam has spent over 25 years in Sales and Marketing with Big Five publishers Simon & Schuster, Random House, and Crown Publishers. She has discussed plot with the best editors in the business, helped create proprietary book products, planned and delivered publicity programs, and sold to the best book buyers … Read more

Westenhaver, Don

Don Westenhaver ABOUT DON Don Westenhaver planned to become a Catholic priest, but left the seminary and joined the Marine Corps. The Marines trained him to be a Vietnamese interpreter, but then assigned him to be an infantry company radioman near the DMZ. As a finance executive in the oil industry, Don traveled frequently to … Read more

Pardee, Diana C.

Diana C. Pardee ABOUT DIANA   Like so many writers, I have loved words and writing them down since I was seven years old. Unlike most, I waited decades before exploring the craft of fiction writing. Now I’m finally on the verge of publishing my first novel, On the Cusp, this summer. It only took … Read more

Jackson, Steven G.

Steven G. Jackson ABOUT STEVEN     STEVEN G. JACKSON is a professional storyteller who writes thrillers, horror, and comedy, and has a long list of published and produced novels, short stories, and stage plays. He often combines these genres in his stories. His workshops on the craft of writing are always popular. An avid horror … Read more