Carlin, Bruce

Bruce Carlin ABOUT BRUCE Bruce Carlin is an accomplished executive in the healthcare and retail industries. He started his own company in 1998, focused on delivering healthcare as a consumer service rather than the cold and disjointed product it has been historically. Long worked alongside him, an unassuming but diligent professional who applied wise financial … Read more

DeLong, Barb

Barb DeLong ABOUT BARB Barb loves reading, writing, and animals, not necessarily in that order on any given day. She writes contemporary and paranormal stories of love, laughter, and magic, and you know there’ll be a feature creature in there somewhere. Her short stories appear in several anthologies, including Secrets of Moonlight Cove, Love for … Read more

Rosenstein, Alexander David

Alexander David Rosenstein ABOUT ALEXANDER I am the son of Soviet dissidents and came to the US from Odessa, Ukraine on a refugee visa without knowing any English. Fortunately, I was able to overcome the language barrier and earn my undergraduate and Doctorate degrees in the US. Subsequently, I was awarded a scholarship to Oxford … Read more

Klein, Fred J.

Fred J. Klein ABOUT FRED Fred is a member of the Southern California Writer’s Association, OC Writers, and Hometown Reads. He has had some short stories published and a humorous book, Memoirs of a Road Warrior, for sale on Fred writes from his experiences as a salesman, laboratory technician, food service worker, writer, drummer, … Read more

OBrien, Cynthia Kern

Cynthia Kern OBrien ABOUT CYNTHIA Ask me about now available for Pre-Order! Cynthia Kern OBrien is the author of the A True Story by Granny debut picture book series: I Used to be a Fairy; The Tooth Fairy and the Baby Elf; and I Don’t Want to Go to Preschool. A grandmother of three, … Read more

Colfax, Douglas J

Douglas J Colfax ABOUT DOUGLAS Fantasy writer, new to how things work. Open to learn, and maybe make stories that reach people. Inspired by anime, manga, and games. I want to write full-time, any format, whether it be for tv, manga or comic, and books. Search for:

DeMille, Dianne L, PhD

Dianne L DeMille PhD ABOUT DIANNE Dianne DeMille has written several educational books. Since retiring from over 40 years in public school education, she has co-authored “It Started with A Pencil: Memoir, Leslie B. DeMille,” about her father and his career as an internationally renowned professional artist. She worked with Larry Ray Hardin, Jeff Pearce, … Read more

Szymczak, Leonard

Leonard Szymczak ABOUT LEONARD   Leonard Szymczak, MSW, LCSW is a writer, TEDx speaker, psychotherapist, and life coach. His books include Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol; Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Carol, winner of 5 awards and endorsed by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul books; The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace, a bestseller; … Read more

Pronin, Barbara

Barbara Pronin ABOUT BARBARA A former journalist and news editor, Barbara Pronin is the author of six adult mysteries – three as Barbara Pronin and three as Barbara Nickolae – and two non-fiction books as well as hundreds of magazine articles and executive speeches. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., and a graduate of CSULA, she began … Read more

Olson, Glen W

Glen W Olson ABOUT GLEN Glen Olson grew up in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. He would have had an absolutely normal childhood except for one fact: it was the nineteen sixties, and his best friend’s father worked in cold war aerospace . . . and the friend’s father owned a … Read more